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Business financial progress starts with a solid plan.

Not your classic CPA

I started Insight Financial to partner with small businesses who are overwhelmed (or more often, out of touch) with their accounting and financial position. More than a traditional accounting or CPA firm, we exist to build a strong relationship with you to help you hit your financial targets and accelerate your business performance. Really, the goal is to move past transactional work and dig into what is causing weak points, where we can improve, and how to get there. As we like to say it – take aim and take action.

Sean Marley

Owner | CPA – Insight Financial PLLC

Virtual CFO

A Higher Perspective


Quality CFO

We provide unique perspectives as we walk with you through your financial information. Then, we relate those numbers to business strategy and forecasting to help build value and create business wealth.



Are scaling, in a season of rapid change or need a new perspective on their financials.

Recommended by Dave Ramsey
Recommended by Dave Ramsey


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