Bookkeeping, Advanced Accounting or CFO Services. When am I ready?

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As a leader,

you give all you have to your business or cause.  Daily, pouring your energy into your mission typically means that something has to give. One of those areas that gets pushed to the wayside is usually the organization’s accounting. We get it, there is too much to do and so little time. It will be there tomorrow. Plus, it is often confusing and tedious it is to keep up with proper bookkeeping and accounting.

You do not need to know the in’s and out’s of accounting. However, you do need to understand how beneficial knowing your numbers is to driving your business strategy and success. That is why outsourcing this accounting work can benefit you. Having proper accounting services come alongside you allows visibility into where and how your money is spent, where is it coming in and how it could be used to drive growth. Plus, having a CPA on board will ensure you are using the best methods, taking proper deductions and complying with standards to please your investors, lenders and customers.

I hope this guide will help you understand whether you need to consider outsourcing your bookkeeping, step up to more advanced accounting or bring in a strategic thinker as a CFO to help you drive success.


Every organization needs a structured set of financial records. Bookkeeping is the process of entering financial transactions into the ledger. The goal is to keep your books organized and up to date. Insight Financial’s packages are designed to build a foundation of solid bookkeeping for your organization.

  • Bookkeeping functions include
    • Proper chart of accounts managed
    • Invoices recorded and bills paid timely
    • Transactions reconciled monthly
    • Reports to bankers or investors
    • Ready for annual income tax filings

Advanced Accounting

Beyond transactional bookkeeping, advanced accounting takes the information a step further. Accounting serves to assist the business owner with interpreting the data. The goal is to help leaders make more informed decisions with greater detail in the financial information.

If you have multiple product lines, locations, properties you manage, or job costing, you are ready for advanced accounting.

  • Advanced Accounting includes
    • Locations, properties, classes and items customized for your business
    • Job/Project costing
    • Cash flow management
    • Collections and payables managed
    • Budgeting
    • Audit support

Virtual CFO

Growing companies are not always ready to hire a full-time CFO. Sometimes, they are only needed in a time of transition or scaling. Acting as a true strategic partner, virtual CFOs can act as a sounding board for ideas, advise different action steps, or develop best practices.

  • CFO Services Include
    • Financial modeling and dashboards
    • Growth goals, benchmarks and KPIs
    • Forecasting
    • Financial process improvement
    • Meet as much or as little as you need

No matter where you are in your accounting journey for your business, the most important step.. is the next one. There is always room for improvement. Insight Financial would love the opportunity to discuss our services and packages with you to see what fits your business. Our #1 goal is to serve your business and help your success.

Take Aim. Take Action.

Sean Marley

Founder – Insight Financial PLLC


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